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What is Journyal?

Journyal is travel journaling made simple.

Journyal helps you to automatically record your travels, be it backpacking trips, hikes, overseas travel, or even food trails. Simply press start and take photos as you would along the way, and Journyal will help you keep track of everything.

Photo Smart

Photos you take along the way are automatically pinned and added to the map of your Journy. Photos are also tagged with the name of the location they were taken at, and saved to your native camera roll in an album. You can even add your own captions.


Location Aware

Journyal silently tracks your location and plots your journey on a map. Journyal will even pin locations that you stop at so you know exactly how long you spend at each location during your travels. All done automatically.


Battery Efficient

Background geolocation tracking is heavily optimized to save battery and mobile data by utilizing motion tracking to intelligently update your location. Control the power consumption and detail of your Journy by customizing the rate at which your location is tracked.